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A visit to the nail salon Fort Lauderdale will be one of the best things that a person can do for beautiful nails. The staff at the nail salon Fort Lauderdale will be able to turn those unsightly nails into a thing of beauty. They are experts when it comes to nail care and will be able to explain in detail all of the reasons why you should regularly visit their shop for nail care.

For example, have you ever wondered what the appropriate nail length is? This is a good question that many women have. Your personal preference is not the only thing that should decide what shape and length an ideal set of nails should be. There are many other criteria that fit into this type of equation. The friendly staff at the Fort Lauderdale nail salon will be able to help you understand the importance of proper nail length and style.

The following is a recent conversation that a salon staff member had with a client. The salon manicurist noticed that this new client was sitting in a chair and biting her nails. Most people can understand this because we all at one time or another have been nail biters. The client explains that there is going to be a party coming up and therefore she would like to have stiletto nails with artwork.

As a professional nail consultant and manicurist you now have two choices. You can either go along with what she wants knowing that the majority of her nails will be bitten off within 24 hours or you can take the time and honestly explain the inevitable outcome of her choice. Obviously, as a client you would want to deal with a manicurist that is honest and forthright.

Can you imagine how the conversation might go? The manicurist would confirm that the client obviously has her heart set on stiletto nails with artwork. She then however tells her that this choice might end up in disappointment. The client would then ask why she would be disappointed in this choice. This is where the manicurist offers some honest and practical advice.

She tells the client that her nails are not long enough. Her nails would not be adequate as a secure base for this type of a long extension. Enhancements should not be longer than double the length of a person’s natural nail. The stress point of any nail is where the free edge begins. This is the area where a nail is more likely to break. There are very few broken nails when this advice is taken seriously.

At this point the client suddenly realizes that this is a reason why her nails have always broken in the past. The manicurist confirms her statement and then comments that the nail technician who did her previous nails should have mentioned this point especially because of being a nail biter. The manicurist also mentions that another important point is the shape of the nail. She explains that the client wanted a long and pointed nail but because of the sidewalls of her existing nails the best shape would be a square nail with a softened tip.

The manicurist further states that the average person is less likely to bite their nails if you do not have a sharp finish. An almond, round, or oval-shaped nail is usually a safe bet but unfortunately they do not provide a strong sidewall. Therefore, in your case I do not recommend this shape of a nail. Eventually, once you have cured yourself of biting your nails you will be able to have any shape of nail you prefer. However, for now we should choose the softened square shape so that you have the best chance of success.

At this point in the conversation the client asks a very important question about how the softened square look will appear on her particular shape of hands. The manicurist commends her for asking a very good question. There are many clients who come into this salon and ask for a specific shape of nail without even considering if it is going to be attractive with their particular hand shape. This conversation between a client and a manicurist at the nail salon Fort Lauderdale is typical of why a person should choose this nail salon for nail maintenance and care.

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