Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
11 Uses of Baby Muslins

One of the most versatile objects with which we can make ourselves when we are preparing the baby’s basket is one (or several) muslins. Surely before you were pregnant you had not heard of this garment, but surely, once you have the baby, it will become an essential (as it happened to me!).

What is a muslin?

A muslin is a very soft piece of cloth , usually made from cotton or bamboo thread, which can be found in various sizes. My child has bad handwriting: what could be behind it and how to improve. Due to its composition, it is a material that, in addition to being absorbent, is respectful of the baby’s skin and helps regulate its body temperature.

What can we use the muslins for?

to clean the baby

There are very small muslins that you can use to clean the baby, even at bath time, and that can act as wipes.

In my case, I always used them to clean my face in the morning, previously moistened, or after each feeding during breastfeeding.

As a sheet in the stroller or stroller

As it is a soft and absorbent fabric, we can put it under the baby in the carrycot or in the stroller. This option is very useful when they are newborns and they usually return a little milk after feeding (that is why it is always advisable to carry a “”spare”” when we leave home).

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as a mosquito net

When my daughter was two months old, we went to spend a few days at the beach, to a place where there were a lot of mosquitoes (I didn’t know that when planning the trip, of course). I discovered that one of the XXL muslins had the perfect mosquito net, because with it it perfectly covered the upper part of the crib. Mine had a mesh around it, so the air circulated perfectly, I could see it just by opening my eyes and it kept it protected from insects.

how i coo

The large muslins were the swaddling blankets that I used with my first daughter, since she was born in the summer. Being a fresh material, it was perfect to wrap her (newborns like to feel wrapped up because that feeling of “freedom” is strange to them), and thus alleviate a little the reflection of the Moor during their naps.

as a blanket

Muslins have another advantage, in addition to all the ones I have mentioned, and that is that they do not weigh. By covering the baby, they are not overwhelmed as can happen with a blanket (especially at halftime or in the summer ), so you can use them as a blanket, because they retain heat in a very balanced way.

as a bib

Once the baby has fed and you incorporate him, he may return a little milk . The muslins became a staple because by putting them on my shoulder, I prevented my clothes from getting stained because they absorb very effectively.

as an object of attachment

Coincidentally, we discovered that the muslins that we used during breastfeeding were the object of my daughter’s attachment (I suppose because of the aroma that permeates her), although after a few months she changed it for a stuffed animal that is still doing its job .

as protector

Although a stroller should never be covered, especially during the summer, because the temperatures that are reached inside it can increase exponentially and very quickly , it is true that a muslin can help us avoid exposing the baby directly to the sun’s rays. when we are in the street. You just have to make sure that you do not cover the air inlet and it continues to circulate inside the carrycot.

as a changing sheet

As you can see, muslins are especially useful when we are away from home , so I couldn’t leave out the ” diaper change ” moment . If we do not have a bag that serves as a cover to put on the furniture that is in public bathrooms, you can use a muslin.

as playing surface

If you go to a park, to the beach, or even inside the house and want to leave the baby on the floor, this is one of the best options you can use because it takes up very little space inside the bag and because it protects the baby from the surface. .

as a towel

When you go to the beach with a baby -and even if you don’t want it-, you will end up with a bag full of things. That is another time when muslins are very useful, since you can also use them as a towel, because it absorbs water very effectively and quickly.