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baby names for boys

View thousands of boy names with their meaning, popularity, origin and the opinions of others. The baby name search on this page can help and inspire you in choosing between all the baby names for boys. Don’t know the gender yet? Then also take a look at the page with girl names or with all baby names .

How to find the perfect boy name

Choosing a boy’s name is a fun, but also difficult choice. Don’t know the gender of your baby yet? Take a look at girl names , unisex names or the page with all baby names.

Do you already know which boy name your baby will get or have you found a nice name? Enter the name and discover the popularity, origin and meaning of your favorite name.

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Choose boy name

Don’t have a name for your baby yet? Then let yourself be inspired and help on your way with the above baby name search function. You will find more than 2,500 names, 1,500 of which are boy and unisex names. You can filter on: Looking for just the perfect name for your bundle of joy? Jade, Julia, and Jane are just a few examples of girl’s name that start with J.

  • Popularity
  • Initial and/or final letters
  • Length
  • Origin
  • Feature

This way you will find a boy name that suits you completely. Don’t have any preferences? Then be surprised with a random name!

Popular boy names

Under the search function you will find the 20 most popular boy names of the past year. Curious about the most popular girl names?

Find a boy’s name alphabetically

Do you have a specific letter that your son’s name should start with? Then use the function to search alphabetically. Click on the desired letter and discover all boy names that start with that letter.

All about your baby’s name

Every baby name has its own page with, among other things, the following information:

  • How popular the name has been over the past year.
  • Where the name comes from (origin) and possibly from which it is a derivative.
  • The meaning of the name. Check the Gujrati boy name Manth name meaning.
  • Whether others like the name and what characteristics they think fit with the name.
  • How many boys and/or girls have been given the name in recent years.
  • The number of persons in the Netherlands with the name.
  • Names similar to it.

Boys Name Trends

In recent years, a number of trends have been visible among boy names:

  • Short Boy Names: The most popular boy names are short, containing an average of one or two syllables and only three to five letters. Check out the most popular short boy names >>
  • Tough boy names: boy names with a tough character are in. They fit the trend for short names. Think Levi , Ryan and Josh. View more cool boy names >>
  • Original Boy Names: More and more parents are opting for an original and unique boy name that is not in the top 100 of popular boy names. Know more about Fabio Meaning And Diminutives and Variations of The Name.
  • International Boy Names: Names that originated in another country or area are also popular. Think of Arabic, Scandinavian, French or English boy names. But old Dutch names are also popular.

Popular boy names