Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

If you buy a second-hand apartment , it is possible that it has gotelé on the walls , something that most older homes share. However, the gotelé has gone out of style for many and the trend now is to have the walls of the house smooth . If you are thinking of removing the gotelé from the walls , it will be easier for you to do so with the advice that we give you at OneHowTo.

Steps to follow:

First of all, cover all the sockets and light points with painter’s or bodybuilder’s tape before removing the gotelé from the walls. You will find it in any specialized store or in a hardware store. It is important to protect these points in order to prevent water or any other product from coming into contact with the plug.


To remove the gotelé from the walls , the next step is to moisten the wall. Depending on the thickness of the gotelé on the wall, we will use one technique or another. We will do it with a sprayer if the drop is not very fat. We will use a painter’s roller and spread the water over the entire wall, as evenly as possible.


With a spatula or a sander , we will treat the entire wall. What we have to do in this phase is to remove all the gotelé. This is the most difficult part of the entire process, so it is convenient that you arm yourself with patience because the result of the entire process will depend on this phase.


The next step to remove the gotelé from a wall is to smooth the wall. In this case, we will use aguaplast , which we will apply to the entire wall with the help of a wide spatula. We will spread this mixture all over the wall and remove the excess aguaplast with a different spatula . Let dry a few hours.


When the wall is dry, we proceed to sand it . It is possible that in a first hand, the perfect wall has not been left. In this case, we can give a second coat and repeat the process . This way we can eliminate the imperfections. Let the wall dry again.


If you have carried out all the previous steps correctly, congratulations, you already have the wall ready to paint it. Now, you just have to choose the desired color and paint the wall with the help of a wide roller .