Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
Ecological and cloth diapers: what are their characteristics and what are the benefits of their use compared to disposable ones

Ecological and cloth diapers: what are their characteristics and what are the benefits of their use compared to disposable ones

When a baby comes to the family, in addition to needing all our attention and love, we need to acquire a series of essential items for its upbringing and care.

Among these items, diapers stand out, the most demanded product and probably one of the ones that generate the most monthly expenses .

Perhaps for this reason, more and more families are opting for the use of ecological diapers instead of disposable ones , since they not only represent significant savings for the pocket, but also generate less waste and take care of our planet .

If the idea of ​​using ecological diapers with your baby catches your attention, we will explain all the benefits that their use brings and where you can get them.

Disposable, ecological and cloth diapers: how are they different and what is their environmental impact

The disposable diapers that we usually use with babies are highly polluting since they are made from cellulose and petroleum derivatives, such as polypropylene, polyethylene, elastics, adhesives and plastics.

If we calculate that a baby uses an average of six diapers a day, this would mean about 5,400 diapers throughout the first 30 months of life; that is, more than a ton of waste per child.

To this shocking figure we must add the time it takes to decompose the dirty diapers that we throw away, and which according to experts is around 300 years.

On the other hand, ecological or biodegradable diapers reduce the environmental impact both in their production and in their disposal, because although they are discarded after use just like the previous ones, this process is not as polluting. That is why many families choose them as an option for a more sustainable upbringing of their children .

They are made from biodegradable materials (and sometimes even compostable) such as bamboo pulp, polyester or cotton. In addition, they do not contain synthetic fragrances or chemicals.

As for cloth diapers , there are studies that ensure that they are not as ecological as one might think, due to the expense of water and energy when washing and drying them. But experts argue otherwise and urge following the manufacturer’s washing and drying instructions. In this sense, in most cases it would be enough to wash them at 30º and dry them in the sun .

If diapers are cared for correctly, their useful life can be very long , and even when the child stops using them, they could pass on to other children, just like clothes when they are treated properly.

Cloth diapers are made of ecological fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo, calamus, microfiber or tencel, and are generally found in one or two sizes that adapt to the growth of the baby by closing with brackets or clips. .

How does the use of ecological and cloth diapers benefit?

Leaving aside the environmental issue that we have just analyzed, biodegradable or ecological diapers and cloth diapers are especially respectful of the baby’s skin, as they are made of natural materials and do not contain chemicals or fragrances.

However, it is important to keep in mind that cloth diapers are less absorbent, so they need to be changed frequently so that moisture is not in contact with the skin.

On the contrary, biodegradable diapers absorb the same as disposable ones, so they allow more hours of use with the guarantee that the bottom will not be irritated.

In any case, both options are perfect for taking care of the baby’s delicate skin , especially in cases of atopic dermatitis .

The economic aspect is also an important issue that deserves to be taken into account. In this sense, although cloth diapers may require a higher initial cost than disposable diapers, in the long run they represent significant savings , since, as we said above, they can be reused for years.

Where to buy biodegradable and cloth diapers for your baby

If you are thinking of using ecological or biodegradable diapers for your baby, here is a list of brands that you can buy through Amazon:

  • ‘ Lillydoo Green ‘ is an eco-friendly diaper with paper packaging. You can request a trial package through their website .
  • Organic diapers ‘Moltex Pure & Nature’ , with sizes ranging from 1 to 6.
  • Ecological diapers ‘Pingo’, with sizes from 1 to 5.
  • ‘Eco by Naty’ diapers , made with elements of plant origin and in sizes ranging from 1 to 5.
  • ‘Pura’ ecological diapers , made with soft organic cotton.
  • Biodegradable diapers ‘Eco Boom ‘, made with bamboo. You find them in sizes from 2 to 5.
  • ‘Bambo Nature’ nappies made in Denmark. In sizes from 1 to 5.