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fabio meaning

The name is one of the first gifts a baby will receive. Therefore, choosing that name is a big decision, so it is important to take your time to consider all aspects of that possible name. The good thing is that there are infinite alternatives from which you can select the best name of all. If the ultrasound revealed that a boy is about to arrive, Fabio is a very appropriate name, since it has a Latin origin, is easy to remember and has a good popularity in Spain and in several Latin American countries. In this parenting education partnership article you will discover the meaning of the name Fabio . In addition, we will talk to you about its etymology, saints, numerology and the celebrities who bear this beautiful name. Fabio is a boy’s name .

What is the Fabio meaning?

Fabio has a very striking meaning, since it translates as ” the bean grower ” or “he who harvests the beans”. It is a name that is related to kind, patient and very loving men. In addition, the name Fabio meaning is associated with Saint Fabio of Mauritania, who is a Catholic martyr who was executed in Roman times for refusing to carry a pagan standard.

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Origin of the name Fabio

Fabio is a name of Latin origin . Specifically, it comes from the root “ Fabio”, which translates as “the one who harvests the beans”. Likewise, in the ancient Roman Empire, Fabio was used as a word to refer to the large agricultural crops that served as food for the inhabitants.

Diminutives and variations of the name Fabio

Fabio is a short name, so it has few variations and diminutives. However, the best known are the following:

  • Fabi
  • Favio
  • Flavio
  • Favi
  • Fabito
  • Fabian
  • Fabiola and Fabiana (they are their female variants)

The name Fabio in other languages

Fabio is a name that is written the same in almost all known languages. However, these would be some of the ways to write Fabio in other languages:

  • Italiano: Favonio
  • German : Fabian
  • Russian : fabio
  • Japonés: Fabio

Personality of the name Fabio

Fabio is a man with a focused and independent personality. Also, he is supportive, understanding and kind , so he usually has many people around him. He is also characterized by his charitable spirit and because he is always looking for ways to help other people.

In love, he is a faithful and affectionate companion who will fill his ideal partner with care. Also, he does not like empty or fleeting relationships, so he usually takes his time to calmly choose his better half. With his family, Fabio is just as dedicated and responsible . In fact, he is usually the emotional or financial support of the house. For this reason, he does not hesitate to go when one of his loved ones needs him.

At work, Fabio is characterized by his great level of planning and detail to meet his projects and goals. Likewise, he is a very positive person who does not neglect his duties. Therefore, he tries his best to achieve his goals from him. In short, Fabio is a reliable, friendly, independent man with a great fighting spirit to get where he wants to go. You might be interested to know more about the Manth name meaning, it is belog to Hindi language and the cast called Gujrati.

Celebrities with the name Fabio

Next, we show you some of the celebrities who bear the name Fabio:

  • Fabio de Miguel – Spanish-born singer, who is better known as Fanny McNamara.
  • Fabio Colloricchio : model of Argentine origin who currently lives in Italy.
  • Fabio Luisi : well-known conductor of Italian origin who currently conducts the Metropolitan Opera in New York.
  • Fabio Di Tomaso : actor of Canadian origin who has starred in various novels in Latin America.

Day of the Saint of Fabio

For Catholic saints, Fabio’s day is July 31 . On this date the death of Saint Fabio of Mauritania is commemorated, who was a Roman martyr executed for keeping his Christian faith firm.

Numerology of the name Fabio

The name Fabio is related to the number 6 . This is a digit that represents stability and harmony.

Popularity of the first name Fabio Meaning

Fabio is a name of ancient origin, but little by little it has regained its popularity among the most used names in Spain. In fact, the records of the National Institute of Statistics indicate that there are at least 6,756 men named Fabio.

Regarding the average age, they are individuals who are around 23 years old, which shows that the use of this name is rising in the last 2 decades. In addition to this, Fabio is a name with great acceptance in Latin countries such as Colombia and Venezuela, where it is also used as a surname.

Now, in the following map, we will show you the communities in which the name Fabio is most popular:

  • Coruña
  • Pontevedra
  • Ourense
  • Segovia
  • Rioja

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