Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
How to avoid robberies in country houses

Country houses are often second homes for many families. Having a home in a town or rural area is common, either because of family ties or because of being born in that territory. On many occasions they become the ideal place to spend the summer or spend a few days off, but they also cause some problems as they are uninhabited for much of the year.

One of the problems of country houses is exposure to theft. By not having nearby homes or neighbors residing around them, these properties are more exposed to the threat of thieves. Therefore, it is important to have security systems or resort to tricks to be safe from this danger. Discover how to prevent robberies in country houses by reading this OneHOWTO article.


This is one of the most used options. An alarm for a country house is ideal to prevent theft in a second residence. This type of alarm usually has a quick detection of thieves, automatically notifying the police.

In addition, sound alarms can scare thieves, causing them to immediately give up the robbery to flee.

Armored door

Don’t know how to protect a country house? Replacing a traditional door with an armored one can be the solution. Normal doors do not have reinforcement systems, so they are much easier to access and, therefore, to be robbed at home.

On the other hand, armored or armored doors are much more resistant . If you want to make it difficult for thieves to break in, bet on placing a door of this type to increase security in your country house.

automatic shutters

Another of the traps to prevent theft that you can place in your country house is that of automatic blinds. They are perfect to scare away thieves, since they will believe that the house is inhabited. Regardless of where you are, you can raise and lower these blinds with your mobile through an application.

If you have programmable automatic blinds, you can leave them connected at a specific time so that they go down or up. With this system, thieves will think that there are people living in the house and the chances of being robbed will decrease considerably.

protected windows

There are many tricks with which you will know how to protect your house without bars. One of them is the protection of windows. And it is that, despite there being a clear need to reinforce the access door to the home, it is also important to protect yourself through the windows.

Thieves use all kinds of strategies to gain access to houses. Some do it through the doors and others take advantage of the carelessness of the open windows to enter using stairs and being a bit skilful. If the window does not have a good security system, it will be easier for any thief to enter the house.

Thus, reinforce the security of the windows of your country house. They must have a good closure and, if possible, be made of aluminium. You can also add a latch to the inside of each window to make them even more difficult to open.

Installing a deadbolt

An obvious a priori advice, but quite useful to prevent theft in chalets, is to install a lock, since it allows the property to be protected both when it is inhabited and when it is empty. Putting a sturdy one with a chain or a digital peephole will suffice.

Thanks to the digital peephole, you will be aware when a suspect approaches the door of your country house and tries to access the interior.

lock with key

There are home methods to prevent theft in country houses and other types of homes that are very simple to do. Closing the door with a key is one of them, it is as important as the rest of the tricks previously exposed. Picking an unlocked lock is much easier than getting it locked.

When you don’t lock your door, thieves will be able to open the lock with a credit card or x-ray . In other words, they will have it very easy to enter the house quickly and without noise or damage. Therefore, to make it difficult for them or take longer than expected to give up, always lock the door.

leave clothes hanging

Does leaving clothes hanging serve to prevent theft in a country house? It may seem absurd to you, but it is really effective. Burglars don’t have to know you, so they won’t know if you’re inside the house. If they also see hanging clothes, they will have more suspicions and will not enter to avoid risking.

Obviously, if they are thieves who study the movements of the house and see the same clothes hanging for many days, this trick will lose effectiveness. But if it is a thief who decides to carry out the robbery on the spur of the moment, he will think twice and maybe you will manage to avoid it.

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