Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
Seven benefits of Montessori beds for children and where to buy them

The Montessori method has gained overwhelming popularity in recent years for its philosophy based on respect for the child: it promotes that each one is a unique individual, with their own ability and pace to learn, play, explore or socialize.

This makes it essential to adapt the environment to the child (not the other way around), to facilitate their development, their learning and their capacity for self-construction. The furniture does not escape this current and proof of this are the beds, one of the essential objects in the children’s room and one of the keys to creating a complete Montessori environment.

Benefits of putting a Montessori bed in the children’s room

are safe

The fact that they are very low furniture (generally at ground level), makes it possible to remove the bars that higher beds usually have, without the risk of the child injuring himself if he falls . For this it is advisable to put a rug or cushions next to it.

Allow freedom of movement

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest benefits of Montessori-style beds: the child can get up and go to bed whenever he wants , and he can even use it as a play area if he feels it is the ideal place to do so.

They stimulate their cognitive development

It is usually around the age of two when we make the transition from crib to bed. That the child has the possibility of being able to decide her movements inside her room, opens up a world of possibilities in her cognitive development and for us to stimulate it. For example, celebrating the child going to bed alone or putting the pajamas under the pillow will contribute to their understanding of the cause-effect relationship and will encourage them to continue exploring these types of actions.

They encourage curiosity

When the child uses a crib with bars or in a high bed where it is very difficult for him to get on or off, he generally does not conceive it as a place to be because he feels like it, but because he has to. How to “survive” the early years of parenting when your children are close in age: my essential advice. However, in a high bed of this style, they can take toys, books (obviously it is also recommended to leave them at hand), and it will surely become a great starting point from which to explore the possibilities that their own room offers.

They promote their autonomy

A Montessori bed allows the child to decide when to get up, when to go to bed and even take the initiative in everything that is around that moment : take his pajamas, lift the blanket, put his dolls in order or even try to make the bed long before it is. let’s teach

Encourages decision making

A bed that offers complete freedom to a child motivates him to make decisions from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning without depending on an adult to carry them out . In turn, encouraging his initiative is essential to strengthen his self-esteem and self-confidence, fundamental pillars for the creation of a healthy and strong personality.

It invites us to spend time with them in a different way

These types of low beds allow us, for example, to lie down with the children in their space (something that we do very frequently at home and that they love). Playing, reading, snuggling up on Saturday morning while we tell each other things… is undoubtedly a place that invites us to share moments of complicity and full attention towards our children.

The most practical and beautiful Montessori beds

Tipi Bed solid wood single bed

This bed is made of certified solid wood and is painted with water-based paints, especially for children’s products, 100% safe. The edges are rounded to prevent injuries and it offers multiple options in terms of sizes and colors. It fits perfectly in any room.

Montessori bed for children Knätten

This bed impresses not only with its child-friendly finish, but also with its robustness – a particularly important aspect – which guarantees a long service life. It is made of pine wood and is available in various sizes and in various colours.

Casita Bed NeedSleep

This bed has been conceived as a place that provides a restful and safe sleep, but also as a cozy play area for children. The height between the mattress and the floor is very low, which makes the bed very safe for children, it is made of 2.8 cm thick boards, which guarantees a very stable construction, and it is not painted . Each board has been carefully sanded so there is no risk of injury. Check-out more parenting article on our site.

Babify Types

It is a bed that is perfect for making the transition from a crib to a child’s bed in a progressive way. It is made of top quality wood and is very resistant, ideal to withstand the busy activity of children.

Cama Infantil Ms Factory

This Scandinavian-style bed has a frame and mattress base made of certified pine wood (FSC certified). The gaps between the mattress frame boards ensure proper air circulation. The surface of the beams are sanded by hand and treated with hypoallergenic water-based paints . Supports a weight of up to 120 kg.

Bed-cot for children

Low crib for the little ones in pure Montessori style, suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old . It allows the little ones to get in and out of bed safely and fully autonomously, thus favoring the process of independence. Made of natural wood.

Treviolo cottage bed

If you are not convinced that the bed does not have bars, this is ideal for you . It is made of pine wood, it has a child-friendly bed frame and its color is natural wood.

Children’s Bed with Barrier Grid

This is another Montessori bed idea with a small barrier. It is made of pine wood for better stability and durability. Its shape seems beautiful to me and it would undoubtedly be the protagonist of any children’s room.

Cama Alfred & Compagnie

This bed is handcrafted, using a clip-on assembly technique that requires no tools , tools, or glue. The quality of the birch wood combined with this beautiful design will bring a very original touch to the room. All elements of the range can be disassembled and disassembled without tools.

Montessori Lume bed

This bed is located at ground level, not only prevents falls from height but also makes it easier for them to get in or out of bed whenever they want, without depending on an adult. It has a minimalist style , it is handmade and you can choose between several wood finishes. Its price is 249 euros.

Cama Typi de Sklum

Recalling the shapes of Indian huts or tipis , this children’s bed is made of robust and resistant pine wood. It has a natural finish with a clear varnish and is at ground level. Its price is 139.95 euros.

Montessori Cloud Children’s Bed

This low-height children’s bed is ideal so that the little ones in the house can get on and off it in a simple and comfortable way. Its cloud-shaped design gives a different touch to the children’s room . It is made of white lacquered MDF and includes the slatted base. Its price is 247 euros.

Kenay House Bed with Coat Rack

A bed that includes a small wardrobe so that the children have everything at hand. It is at ground level, has a house design and is made of wood. Its price is 779 euros.